Scott P. Russell, CFA
Property Appraiser
Monroe County, Florida

Key West (305) 292-3420
Marathon (305) 289-2550
Plantation Key (305) 852-7130

GIS / Maps

View and Search Maps

Use our web-browser based GIS application to search and view parcel maps for Monroe County, Florida.

Features available:
  • Search By:
    • Alternate Key
    • Owner Name
    • Physical Location
    • Real Estate (RE) Number
    • Subdivision
    • Condominium
  • View Sales graphically for the last 5 Tax Roll years
  • View 2006 Aerials (1/2 foot Pixel Resolution)
  • View 2009 Aerials (1 foot Pixel Resolution)
  • Add Text To Map
  • Buffer (a.k.a. Radius)
  • Measure
  • Print to PDF, allows option to save PDF file to computer
The Monroe County Property Appraiser's office maintains data on property within the County solely for the purpose of fulfilling its responsibility to secure a just valuation for ad valorem tax purposes of all property within the County. The Monroe County Property Appraiser's office cannot guarantee its accuracy for any other purpose. Likewise, data provided regarding one tax year may not be applicable in prior or subsequent years. By requesting such data, you hereby understand and agree that the data is intended for ad valorem tax purposes only and should not be relied on for any other purpose.

By continuing to use this application you assert that you have read and agree to the above statement...

  • Please disable ALL pop-up blockers.
  • Tested in IE 8, IE 9, Mozilla 12+, Chrome 20+.
  • Print of maps functionality 1/2 completed.
  • Copy and Paste functionality only works in IE.
  • Only one Basse Map can be selected at one time.

  • Open GIS Map application - 2012 Version

    If you find any issues please

    Link to our Old 2011 Version - Buffer tool is not working properly, please use 2012 Version for buffering

  • Please disable ALL pop-up blockers.
  • Adobe Flash 10.3 or higher needed.
  • Pop-up blockers will not load or print the map.

  • Open GIS Map application - 2011 Version