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Monroe County, Florida

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Disclaimer for Tax Estimator

  • Tax value estimation is to be used only when establishing a current base year. Tax values calculated do not considering any previous benefits of a homestead, Amendment 10 or Amendment 1’s 10% cap.

  • This tax estimator is not to be relied upon for anything other than a "ball-park" estimation of taxes.
  • Millages provided for use in this calculation are the latest available at the time the tax estimator is used.
  • The sale price entered into the tax estimator may not be the market value that the actual taxes of the parcel will be based upon.
  • If you choose to estimate taxes with a homestead exemption applied, the estimator will assume that no part of the property is used for non-homestead purposes and that you have 100% ownership of the homestead property.
  • This estimate of taxes does not include any non ad-valorem assessments, such as Solid Waste. Non ad-valorem assessments are not based on the value of your property. They are often based on various factors including the type of building, lot size, number of living units, building size, etc. Local governments often charge these assessments to pay for garbage collection, fire protection, drainage and infrastructure projects.
  • If you have any questions or comments about the values produced by this tax estimator please Contact the Monroe County Property Appraiser.

  • By continuing with this search you assert that you have read and agree to the above statement...